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Drunken Dumbshow: 

Jack Kerouac in the 60s

Drunken Dumbshow: Kerouac in the 60s explores the Beat Generation author's final years as a man and as a writer. Using published and unpublished primary sources, biographer Paul Maher Jr. details the year-by-year disintegration of Jack Kerouac and how it affected his life and work.

Edited and self-published by Paul Maher Jr.

Maher was raised in the blue-collar neighborhood of Centralville where Kerouac lived four decades before. But back in the early 1980s, Maher’s teachers hardly mentioned the Lowell-born Kerouac. Maher has redeemed that hometown neglect with an insightful biography that chronicles the life, literary dreams, and sad decline of one of America’s most misunderstood writers...

-Boston Herald

All Things Shining 

An Oral History of the Films of Terrence Malick

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All Things Shining: An Oral History of the Films of Terrence Malick is a collection of interviews, part history, part anecdote that details the journey of American film director Terrence Malick, from his boyhood in Oklahoma and Texas to the filming of Song to Song in 2017. The cinematic world of Malick is explored by those that have known, worked with or experienced Terrence Malick's private universe up close and personal. 

Edited and self-published by Paul Maher Jr.

This series used to be titled One Big Soul. This book, All Things Shining, is the latest edition. 

If you were ever touched by a film of Terrence Malick and want to know more about the mystery man behind them, this is the book for you. In All Things Shining author / editor Paul Maher Jr. presents a treasure trove of years of meticulous research from which present and future Malick scholars do and will take most of their information from combined with a variety of interviews with the filmmaker's closest collaborators and even schoolmates, many of which conducted by Maher himself. This is the best Malick resource book currently available.

-Amazon reviewer

A Vast Glowing Empty Page 

The Life and Writings of Jack Kerouac

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A Vast Glowing Empty Page: The Life and Writings of Jack Kerouac takes the reader from Kerouac's early years in Lowell, Massachusetts through his last years in St. Petersburg, Florida. Read of the hapless young man searching for his voice as a writer as he struggles through the pitfalls of school, family conflicts, poverty, World War II, fame and the growing social unrest of the 1960s. This extensive biographical portrait brings into focus the internal and external forces that created Jack Kerouac's poetry and prose.

Written and self-published by Paul Maher Jr.

Maher is a leader in the vanguard of contemporary writing on Jack Kerouac.

-Beat Scene

Love That Loves Us 

Reflections on the Films of Terrence Malick

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In this full-color edition of Love That Loves Us: Reflections on the Films of Terrence Malick, writer Paul Maher Jr. (One Big Soul: An Oral History of Terrence Malick (2014)) and writer/actor/film director Caitlin Stuart (All the Beautiful Things in the World (2015) & Amore (2015)) reflect and explore their impressions of the first six films of American film director Terrence Malick. Using love as their guideline, each essay delineates and creatively expounds upon various elements and motifs found in Badlands (1973), Days of Heaven (1978), The Thin Red Line (1998), The New World (2005), The Tree of Life (2011) and To the Wonder (2012)

Written and self-published by Paul Maher Jr. and Caitlin Stuart.

There's no greater compliment I can offer this book than to say its style--equal parts scholarly exegesis, philosophical exploration, and personal poesis--is a lovely homage to the restless, probing, courtly manner of its subjects, the seminal works of master film-maker and metaphysician Terrence Malick. If you're looking for entry-level synopses of Malick's singular oeuvre--particularly works like Badlands (1973), Days of Heaven (1978), The Thin Red Line (1998), and The Tree of Life (2011)--this may not be the first book to pull off the shelf. However, readers demanding both critical rigor and a discriminating sense of writerly style will be hard-pressed to find a better companion to the "fierce evocation of human feeling" that is Malick's rhetorical trademark. Highly recommended!

-Amazon reviewer

I Am the Revolutionary: 

Young Jack Kerouac

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I Am the Revolutionary: Young Jack Kerouac takes the reader from Kerouac's childhood years in Lowell, Massachusetts through his World War II years in New York City and across America, where the hapless writer searches for his voice as a writer and an artist. Using archival material such as journals, notebooks, diaries and letters as well as Kerouac's published books, this portrait serves to bring into focus the internal and external forces that forged the leader of the Beat Generation's highly-original poetry and prose.

Written and self-published by Paul Maher Jr.

There have so many books on Jack Kerouac written during the last 20 years, the question may be asked "Why another book about Kerouac?" The answer is an easy one- because no one has written a book like I am the Revolutionary: Young Jack Kerouac by Paul Maher Jr. Not only has Mr. Maher physically walked in Kerouac's footsteps, growing up in Lowell, walking along Beaulieu Street, Centralville, where Kerouac's brother, Gerard, died in 1926, but Maher has seemed to have tapped into Kerouac's psyche and thought process. Researching Jack Kerouac's letters, journals, and notebooks, Maher has shown how the writer developed his craft while studying the masters of his trade. Inspired by Thomas Wolfe and William Saroyan during the 1930's while still living in Lowell and obsessed by writers like Louis Ferdinand Celine, Jean Genet and Fyodor Dostoyevsky once meeting William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg in NYC in the middle 1940's. For those interested in how Kerouac crafted his technique from The Town and the City to books like On The Road, this is the book you must read. The research and writing style of Maher makes this fine book, enjoyable, readable and remarkable..

-Amazon reviewer

Isolated Wanderer

The Maxwell Bodenheim Reader

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For the first time ever in print, a collection of Maxwell Bodenheim's lost essays, renegade verse, novels, and letters, some never before published. Maxwell Bodenheim (1892-1954) was the King of Greenwich Village, the "Last Bohemian" and Ghost of the Jazz Age who stormed the tabloids of the Roaring Twenties with his numerous escapades. What has never before been detailed is the vast and varied writings that Bodenheim wrote from 1913 until shortly before his tragic death. Culled from obscure literary periodicals, newspapers and library archives, this curated collection will pave the way toward a new assessment of this misunderstood poet and novelist. Want to find out more on Bodenheim? Visit the only Maxwell Bodenheim Blog on the web- manager by Paul.

Edited and self-published by Paul Maher Jr.

I am a distinguished outcast in American letters — a renegade and recalcitrant, hated and feared by all cliques and snoring phantom celebrities, from ultra-radical to ultra-conservative — an isolated wanderer in the realm of intellect and lithely fantastic emotion, hemmed in by gnawing hostilities and blandly simulating venoms . . 

-Maxwell Bodenheim 

Burning Furiously Beautiful

The True Story of Jack Kerouac's On The Road

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The On the Road scroll has since become literary legend, and now Burning Furiously Beautiful sets the record straight, uncovering, among other things, the true story behind one of America's greatest novels. Burning Furiously Beautiful explores the real lives of the key characters of the novel. Ride along on the real-life adventures through 1940s America that inspired On the Road. By tracing the evolution of Kerouac's literary development and revealing his startlingly original writing style, this book explains how it took years-not weeks-to ultimately write the seemingly sporadic 1957 novel, On the Road.

Written and self-published by Paul Maher Jr. and Stephanie Nikolopoulos.

This new,heavily researched book, by Kerouac biographer Paul Maher Jr. and Stephanie Nikolopoulos reveals insights and detailed exegesis of the TRUE story of Kerouac's On The Road. The myth, perpetrated in part by Kerouac himself, on the Steve Allen Show, in 1959, was that he wrote "Road" in three weeks. He actually went through the arduous process like every other writer, brain storming ideas, trying them out, throwing away and starting anew from sketchbooks and journals, from 1947 thru April 1951, when he finally laid down the culmination of his inspiration. This book gives the true account of how one legendary artist faced his craft, transformed it into art, through blood, sweat, and years of tears, not three weeks. A MUST HAVE volume for Kerouac scholars and fans alike.

-Amazon reviewer


Or, Life in the Woods

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Henry David Thoreau's classic account of self-reliance in an age of encroaching modern developments is inspirational, spiritual, rugged, raw and humorous. This volume, the second in a planned series of twenty-five books, will ultimately comprise the complete collected works of Henry Thoreau. Available for the first time as an affordable series, Thoreau's words are timeless and especially apt in an age of social uncertainty.

Edited and self-published by Paul Maher Jr.

I find it wholesome to be alone the greater part of the time...

-Henry David Thoreau

Windshield Diamonds

A Few Words with Tom Waits

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Culled from dozens of interviews given by Tom Waits, this collection highlights the musical film and theatrical achievements of one of America’s most unique and influential songwriters. Windshield Diamonds brings the reader from the earliest years of Tom Waits’ music career until the advent of a new force of music forged uniquely by Waits.

Edited and self-published by Paul Maher Jr.

The piano has been drinking, not me.

-Tom Waits

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notes aesthetiques

Poetry, notes, prose fragments and inspired photography, written at a whim, illuminated by reverie, all bound together in one volume as a recollection of meditation and timelessness.

Written and self-published by Paul Maher Jr.

Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.

-Percy Byssshe Shelley

Cape Cod

Collected Writings of Henry David Thoreau Volume V

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Originally published in 1865 by Houghton and Mifflin’s predecessor, Ticknor and Fields, Henry David Thoreau’s Cape Cod is a earthy, humorous and enlightening account of the arm of Massachusetts, Cape Cod. Cape Cod, Volume V of the Collected Writings of Henry David Thoreau is now available in an affordable quality trade paperback.

Edited and self-published by Paul Maher Jr.

Consider what stuff history is made of, — that for the most part it is merely a story agreed on by posterity.

-Henry David Thoreau