The Definitive Biography

This authoritative biography of writer, poet, and beat generation icon Jack Kerouac (1922-1969) recounts in gripping detail the story of his exceptional life and the key relationships that affected Kerouac's development as an artist, including those with his three wives, numerous girlfriends, and beloved mother. Kerouac presents a fresh and more accurate account of the author of On the Road, one that neither ignores nor wallows in his flaws.

Written by Paul Maher Jr. Published by Taylor Trade Publishing. 

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Miles on Miles

Interviews and Encounters with Miles Davis

Miles on Miles collects the thirty most vital Miles Davis interviews. Essential reading for anyone who wants to know what Miles Davis thought about his music, life, and philosophy, Miles on Miles reveals the jazz icon as a complex and contradictory man, secretive at times but extraordinarily revealing at others.

Edited by Paul Maher Jr. and Michael K. Dorr. Published by Chicago Review Press. 

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Tom Waits on Tom Waits

Interviews and Encounters

Tom Waits on Tom Waits is a selection of over fifty interviews from the more than five hundred available. Here Waits delivers prose as crafted, poetic, potent, and haunting as the lyrics of his best songs.

Edited by Paul Maher Jr. Published by Chicago Review Press. 

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Jack Kerouac's American Journey
The Real-Life Oddysey of On the Road

From one of today's top Kerouac scholars comes a riveting, behind-the-scenes look at the true adventures that spawned one of the greatest American novels of all time, as well as the real lives of the key characters of the novel—Sal Paradise, Dean Moriarty, Carlo Marx, Old Bull Hubbard, Camille, and others. Acclaimed author Paul Maher takes readers on the road with Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady via unprecedented access to Kerouac and Cassady's correspondence, Ginsberg and Kerouac's notebooks and journals, as well as a look at the formative experience of Kerouac's philosophical and authorial aesthetic that went into this 20th-century classic.

Written by Paul Maher Jr. Published by Thunder's Mouth Press. 

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