• Paul A Maher Jr

Night Walk #2

Once the moon had set, the stars popped remarkably. There were lots of meteorites thrown from the Geminids .... There was the Winter Triangle, with Procyron, Betelgeuse and Sirius sparkling (to the left of the utility pole) from Canis Major with the Seven Sisters and Orion dominating this quadrant of the night sky.

I am never more present and reverent than when I am not only photographing the stars, but simply observing them. They are something beyond a grand spectacle, but the very root core of who we are ... all of us, absorbed and evolved from this spatial matter flung like glitter across a vast and measureless void. I am simply perplexed how we do not fall on our knees in reverential worship every night that we can see eternity glowing like embers over our backyards.

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