• Paul A Maher Jr

"Kerouac On the Verge Of Fame (March 10, 2022)

A new article written for PleaseKillMe:

After hand-delivering the final manuscript of On the Road to Viking Press in Jan. 1957, Jack Kerouac spent two drunken weeks in NYC before hopping a freighter to Tangier, to visit and type manuscripts for William S. Burroughs. His mind awash in guilt and self-doubt, and his body with DT’s, he tried to concentrate on his Buddhistic disciplines and abstain from all temptations. That regimen fell apart in Tangier, which turned into a nightmarish cycle of excess and illness. Kerouac scholar Paul Maher Jr. combed some unpublished diaries Kerouac kept in Morocco, to capture the real mindset of the ‘King of the Beats’ on the verge of fame.

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