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A Vast Glowing Empty Page - now available in a trade paper edition.

Updated: Jun 15

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Folks, I have decided to sever ties with AMAZON who have done a horrible job at printing books, and then shipping them to people in inadequate packaging. They also thieve royalties. A real evil corporate conglomerate that is unkind and unfair, not only for me, but for writers and publishers worldwide. Starting with A VAST GLOWING EMPTY PAGE, I will be reissuing numerous titles to be made available in various forms of distribution with the hopes that I am at last able to resolve these issues.

In terms of this current edition of A VAST GLOWING EMPTY PAGE, the text has been revised for ease-of-reading. The font has been made a point smaller. I had to do this to make the book more wieldy. Though some have requested an index, I have not included one as I am not an indexer and do not have the services of using one. Anyway, the book is meant to be a reading experience and not a reference guide.

A chief addition to this book is my having been able to read and refer to Kerouac's early-to-mid 1950s diaries which clears up much about his life just before the publication of ON THE ROAD in September 1957. I have also been able to elaborate on many of the unpublished projects Kerouac had been writing throughout his short life. In all, I hope to have at last achieved the kind of book I have been meaning to write since 2004. It is, in fact, an extensive and expanded rewrite of that initial effort. It should be the last.

I hope this clears up everything.

Thanks for reading,


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